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2019 Saas-Fee with Seppi


2019 Saas-Fee with Seppi

Another great camp in Switzerland has wrapped up with the Fee Glacier once again proving its resilience for consistent training during the peak of summer. This year our group had a variety of ages from U10 to FIS and masters racers. Group dynamic was exceptional with new energetic faces brightening up our regular high intensity FIS group. Athletes were exposed to multiple training hills progressing from the moderate mid glacier lanes to the FIS and lower steep 50/60er lanes. Austrian, Slovenian, and German National ski teams trained along side our hometown skiers setting the example for what is possible with deliberate practice.

Centered around skiing, the Saastal is a welcome place for ski racing. Tucked away in the Swiss Alps, it's easy for time to fly! This camp was the send off for several of our FIS athletes. Spencer Wright, Holden Parazette, and Henry Hakoshima will all be starting the upcoming season racing in College. Some of their training video is below. It is great to watch them ski and lead our upcoming Jackson Hole Ski Club athletes. As always, this camps attracts unique people with a love for skiing and travel. What a group to grow and share the hill with. Thanks for a great camp!


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