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Updated: Sep 3, 2022

We have great news to share. After another successful August camp in Saas-Fee, we decided to offer a fall Copper Camp! We will be back in Colorado for Slalom and GS training from October 20th - 27th.

First, a quick recap of Saas Fee. We were again fortunate to have a fantastic group of motivated and talented skiers with us. With a range from U16 athletes to first-year FIS to college athletes to World Cup skiers we had a group that had a fantastic time together and understood to both have fun and push each other to get better every day.

The snow situation in Europe was not ideal with a low winter and unseasonable warm spring. We were lucky to be granted lane space by Saas Fee as they had to reduce overall lane space capacity by almost half. So we got on a plane and headed to Geneva and took the shuttle up to our favorite summer ski resort. The combination of world-class training and being tucked away in the Swiss Alps is simply unbeatable. We trained next to World Cup champions like Shiffrin and Ryding and saw tons of progress over the 10 days of intense training. Also can't forget about the amazing hikes, soccer matches, cheese fondue and Swiss chocolate. Congrats to our athletes on a great camp and thank you for making it such a fun trip!


As we get closer to winter, everybody is itching to get ready for the first races. Stiegler Ski Racing Camps has decided to add another camp to our schedule. Join us in Copper Mountain from October 20th-27th for 6 days of Slalom and GS training. We love the easy accessibility in Copper and believe that getting on man-made snow instead of glacier skiing as soon as possible helps our athletes to get in race shape for the winter. The camp is open for registration and will cover lane fees, lift tickets, lodging and food. Find more information about the camp here or register here.

See you in Colorado!

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Updated: Mar 14, 2022


2021 Saas-Fee with Seppi

Saas-Fee with Seppi returned last year after the 2020 travel hiatus. Thanks to a deep snow pack and a stormy summer, athletes were able to train on some of the cleanest firmest snow in recent memory. Our group of athletes once again set the standard for hard working and fun loving individuals. For some, Saas-Fee was the training ground for their first season racing FIS. Others prepped for freshmen year at NCAA schools. For the rest, camp was the final summer stop before racing Continental and World Cup Seasons. Each skier continues to excel on their own path with an incredible range of accomplishments. Congratulations and thanks for another great year!


As the winter racing season enters the final stretch, athletes are prepping for a variety of championships. Stiegler Ski Racing will head to Nor Am Finals and then US Nationals before resetting for the summer prep season. This year, we are proud to add our Copper Camp! to the training line up. Join us for SL and GS training June 2nd through 9th at Copper Mountain Colorado.

Saas-Fee with Seppi is also on the books with travel dates scheduled for July 28th through August 11th. Athletes will be able to train GS and Slalom on the glacier spread across two weeks to allow for rest days, sightseeing activities, and dryland. You can register for both camps or download athlete itineraries by clicking the links below.

22' Saas-Fee with Seppi Web
Download PDF • 369KB

22' Copper Camp
Download PDF • 367KB

Enjoy the rest of your winter and we look forward to skiing with you soon!

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2019 Saas-Fee with Seppi

Another great camp in Switzerland has wrapped up with the Fee Glacier once again proving its resilience for consistent training during the peak of summer. This year our group had a variety of ages from U10 to FIS and masters racers. Group dynamic was exceptional with new energetic faces brightening up our regular high intensity FIS group. Athletes were exposed to multiple training hills progressing from the moderate mid glacier lanes to the FIS and lower steep 50/60er lanes. Austrian, Slovenian, and German National ski teams trained along side our hometown skiers setting the example for what is possible with deliberate practice.

Centered around skiing, the Saastal is a welcome place for ski racing. Tucked away in the Swiss Alps, it's easy for time to fly! This camp was the send off for several of our FIS athletes. Spencer Wright, Holden Parazette, and Henry Hakoshima will all be starting the upcoming season racing in College. Some of their training video is below. It is great to watch them ski and lead our upcoming Jackson Hole Ski Club athletes. As always, this camps attracts unique people with a love for skiing and travel. What a group to grow and share the hill with. Thanks for a great camp!


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